About me

529279_10151016979683094_1300320649_nI’m Lucy, I’m a maker from the South of England, now living in London

I decided I wanted to be a prop maker when I was 10 years old; my babysitter saw my artwork and told me of her Goddaughter who was a prop maker on the Harry Potter film series. She asked me if I had ever considered becoming a prop maker myself, I was already a keen fan of the ‘Behind the Scenes’ sections on my DVDs but I never believed a job so exciting could actually exist. I emailed several prop making companies asking them how I could get into the industry, but they all emailed back saying there were no courses to become a prop maker, so my hopes dwindled a little. Then in 2011 I discovered there was a prop making degree course in my hometown, of all places! So I studied at Northbrook College, Sussex and graduated in June 2014.

I first started cosplaying in May 2012. I had no clue what cosplay was before then, but I had made several outfits before and worn them to fancy dress parties. I never knew that I could go to a place where I could meet other people who also shared my spectacular obsession with dressing up and pretending to be cool. I’ve always sewn a little bit; my Grandma taught me the basics when I was quite young, the rest of it is self-taught and guesswork!